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The word on the street...

"This place is purely amazing in every way."

David (via Yelp)

Inglewood, CA

"Wow, I wish I'd gone here sooner! I've worked right next to this place all year but never stopped in because I'm not a pizza fan. Decided to drop in today and ordered one of their salads. At first, I was put off by the price ($9 for a chicken salad), but then she handed me what felt like a 5lb takeout box, and I saw why it was a $9 dollar salad - it is easily two meals, and has tons of stuff on it: Chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, artichokes, cheese, carrots and croutons... I worked on it for 20 minutes and barely made a dent in it - this will be my dinner tonight, and tasty, too. Will be going back again (their french fries are also delicious...)."

Jean L. (via Google)

Lafayette, CO

"This was recommended as a good place to get gluten-free pizza, and the crust was the best that I have had.
The employees are very friendly and helpful, and the food is really good. Our non-gluten free diner enjoyed their pizzas, as well.
It is pricey, but really good, and the atmosphere is comfortable."

M.K. (via Yelp)

Lafayette, CO

"My son and I are both gluten free for medical reasons. I've eaten so-so, tasteless gluten free pizza for years at various places across the U.S. and in Europe. This is by far, the best I've ever eaten. The crust was crisp and delicious and stayed that way as we ate the pizza and it cooled. The sauces were amazing and didn't cause the crust to get soggy, and the toppings were first rate. 

My son and I both ordered 10 inch pies. It was more than I could eat, but just right for him. We also had the gluten free cheesy bread. Songs should be written about it because it was so good! I will seek out this little gluten free gem every time I'm in the Boulder area."

Jennifer (via Yelp)

Fort Smith, AR

"From the fresh salad, to the crispy buffalo wings,  to the delicious crust on the pizza... then to the deep dish cookie... it was all incredible! And they deliver! That's awesome!"

Ashley (via Yelp)

Lafayette, CO

"The best pizza in the Boulder area. If your wondering why the picture looks so golden and righteous, it's because this pizza was sent down from above!!! We ordered two pizzas both with gluten free crusts and they were phenomenal. We also had some fried mushrooms for an appetizer and split a house salad. The crust was perfect, crispy and buttery. I had the hot Hawaiian that floored me! Wow, how much better could you make a pizza?! The other one was more traditional with olives, pepperoni and extra cheese. Located in a mini-mall so parking spots are plentiful! They also have an activity/art center for kids providing a large roll of tear of paper for drawing, and a build your own pizza play set. The menu is great, they provide top notch service, and like I mentioned- the BEST PIZZA in the Boulder area!"

Christopher (via Yelp)

Lafayette, CO

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"We eat here about every week or two. Their pizzas have an extremely thin crust with generous amounts of topping. We usually get a hula hoop (pineapple and Canadian bacon) and a pepperoni, often with either garlic sticks or cheesy bread. The cheesy bread is almost a meal in itself. Service is always friendly and fast. The marinara sauce here is especially tasty (they also sell Medical Marinara t-shirts for their fans). We sometimes order "to go" instead, and this has always worked well - it's always ready when promised and is hot. They offer delivery too, but we haven't tried that."

Allen (via Yelp)

Boulder, CO

"This is a fantastic pizzeria for a few reasons. First, the pies are excellent. I really like the classic Martino's pizza with all the fixings. The kids like the personal size pizzas. I feel comfortable taking the kids here because they have made it very family friendly. There is a work station where the kids can 'make' pretend pizzas. There are usually other toys there and things to color with. It is very nice to have a place where they can get up from the table and go hang out - because they would probably try to do that anyway. Keeping a child locked to a seat really takes the joy out of eating in a restaurant! I also really like the Taco Pizza. The owner is from Iowa and this is one key thing he brings with him. Being from Iowa myself this reminds me of home. Overall, good quality, good atmosphere, family friendly giving it 5 full stars in my humble opinion!"

Leanne G. (via Google)

Lafayette, CO

"Thin crust Chicago style pizza - thin cracker crust, pizza cut in squares, cheese over toppings (this is the way they do it).  We love this place and it is a must visit when family is in town.  

Favorite menu items:
-Pizza with Italian beef and giardiniera (tell them to take it easy on the peppers)
-Italian beef sandwich with red sauce. *Note - if you like your pepperoni crispy ask for it on top of the pizza
-Pizza with sausage and mushrooms
Owner is the one in the kitchen and very pleasant talk with which is good with an open kitchen.  There is a play area for kids and so it easy to take a little kid. Wish they had at least one beer on tap although there is good election of well priced bottles.  It is a pizza joint after all...."


David J. (via Yelp)

Louisville, CO

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