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Martino's: History, influence & why the name Martino?


Martino's was founded in May of 2010 by MJ Vacco. He moved his family to Colorado and his passion for unique pizzas ignited in Boulder County. Martino's Pizzeria is named after a long lineage of first name "Martino" (Martin in the U.S.) that has been passed down through generations.


MJ's is the great grandson to "Martino Giuseppe Scornovacca" who was among the millions of immigrants to travel to the United States through Ellis Island, with his arrival falling in the year of 1914. 


In the midst of World War I, Grandfather Martino was enlisted in the US Army to serve for his new country. Stationed in Arkansas, a Sergeant approached Martino asking him his name and soon became responsible for shortening his last name from "Scornovacca" to "Vacca". As a result of poor handwriting, misspellings and enunciation - the abbreviated new last name "Vacca" transformed into "Vacco" as MJ and his family know it as to this day. 


MJ's family worked across the country through Chicago and finally settled in Des Moines, Iowa - Where there is a strong Italian Heritage, rooted by coal mining.


Having grown up in the restaurant business, MJ has actively been a part of the food industry most of his life. His family restaurants have been in existence for over 50 years and at one point there were as many as 12 locations throughout the Midwest.


Influenced by his family's strong taste for Italian food and a burning entrepreneurial spirit, MJ has put his own spin on traditional Midwest, thin crust pizza - loaded with toppings and the cheese on top, to the West. 


MJ has a strong passion for pizza and soon you will see and taste why!

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